Time's a tickin' at McSnooty's Art Gallery. It's Milwaukee's newest escape room

NOW: Time’s a tickin’ at McSnooty’s Art Gallery. It’s Milwaukee’s newest escape room

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--At Milwaukee's newest escape room, you have an hour to be all in or get out!  McSnooty's Art Gallery off Brady Street on the east side is really a front for a ring of thieves stealing people's identities, and your mission is to find evidence to prove what's really happening.  Unlike most escape rooms, this one has no waiting rooms for groups to gather before they start.  There's no orientation either.  Just a code to the door via a text message.

This particular escape room is meant for larger crowds, between 8 and 22 people.  You might make a reservation to participate.  Click here to do so and good luck!

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