Time to play ball. Almost.

NOW: Time to play ball. Almost.

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--One week and counting. And the ground crews are working round the clock to make sure everything's a level playing field, literally, in time for next Monday's home opener against the St. Louis Cards.  Director of grounds, Michael, Boettcher, says today the workers are focusing on the grass and clay surfaces.  He says the sunny days have helped the grass flourish.  And where the sun's lacking, grow lights are used to get the job done.

There are five full time workers in charge of the field with at least 40 other part time staff members. I'm told the job to get the grounds in prime shape actually begins before the last baseball season even ended.  

Extensive netting has been added to cover the dug out areas.  Also, the stenciling of the artwork for opening day will begin on Wednesday. The Brewers will play the Cards starting at 1:10 in the afternoon next Monday, April 2nd.

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