Time running out for Wisconsin consumers to cash nearly $500k in LCD antitrust settlement checks

You may want to double check those envelopes in your mailbox--one of them could contain a check that's rightfully yours with no scam involved.

Attorney General Brad Schimel is reminding Wisconsin consumers who filed valid claims in connection with the purchase of LCD laptops, monitors and TVs to cash their checks before time runs out. The claims administrator for the LCD antitrust case says that roughly a half-million dollars worth of checks to Wisconsin consumers and businesses have not yet been cashed. 

For every computer monitor or laptop claimed, the claimant will receive $44 and some change, and about $87 for each LCD TV.  For example, a consumer who claimed one laptop, one desktop monitor and two televisions would receive a check a few cents shy of $261.  Wisconsin consumers, businesses and public entities will receive a total of more than $27 million dollars from the settlement.  The state of Wisconsin also received $1.5 million in civil penalties.

The deadline to cash the checks is 90 days from the date of issue. Checks were issued in November 2014, meaning the 90-day deadline is fast approaching at the beginning of February. 

Consumers who believe that they should have received checks but have not, should contact [email protected] or call the toll-free hotline at 855-225-1886. Wisconsinites may also contact the Attorney General's office at (608) 266-1221.

The Wisconsin Attorney General's office, along with seven other attorney generals and private purchaser lawyers, announced this $1.1 billion multistate settlement with manufacturers of TFT-LCD panels in 2012. The settlement came after extensive antitrust litigation arising from industry-wide state and federal investigations into an alleged conspiracy among thin film transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT-LCD) panel manufacturers to prevent competition and increase prices for TFT-LCD Panels. 

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