Time is now to make sure your furnace is running right

NOW: Time is now to make sure your furnace is running right

Waukesha (CBS58)--Falling temperatures can mean an uptick in furnace issues. This is why technicians are busy these days on preventative maintenance calls. We caught up with Luke Lutzke of Hartlaub Services servicing a home In Oconomowoc.

This particular house has two furnaces. It’s Lutzke’s job to do a full inspection on each one, looking at functionality and seeing if there are any carbon monoxide issues. He tells me having these two units looked at annually is vital to keeping them operating as efficiently as possibly  while making sure you’re as comfortable as possible inside your home on a cold day. 

The heating and cooling experts also advise changing your furnace every three months if you're using a standard one inch filter.  You can wait longer for larger filters. Also consider getting a humidifier attached to the furnace so the humidity levels will be higher inside your house, making it feel warmer than it actually is. And finally get a thermostat with a digital readout for more accurate settings.

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