Ticket sales wane following Giannis' injury; fans hope Middleton and Holiday can carry the team

NOW: Ticket sales wane following Giannis’ injury; fans hope Middleton and Holiday can carry the team

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- As the Milwaukee Bucks will have to play Game 5 without MVS Giannis Antetokounmpo, ticket sales are waning. But fans tell CBS 58 they still believe the Deer District will be energized.

"We finally have a team to be proud of after all those years of basement dwelling," said Peter Ross. 

Ross went to his first Bucks game at Fiserv Forum on Thursday, July 1.

"With Giannis out, I think we definitely have to prove that we can win without him tonight," Ross said.

James Bryce Jr., a partner with TicketKing, said he's selling a lot of playoff tickets but not to quite the same level without the Bucks' MVP out for Game 5.

"Things have kind of slowed down after this last loss and Giannis' injury with just so much uncertainty," Bryce said. "But it still doesn't take away from the fact that tonight's game is huge."

Claire Koenig, communications director for VISIT Milwaukee, said every home game during the Bucks' playoff run brings in $3 million in economic impact to the city. She said the team wouldn't be where it is without Giannis and the impact of having him on the team is invaluable.

Hotels have also seen a nice bump during the playoff run, Koenig said.

Fans will be holding their breath Thursday night as they watch the team go on without Giannis.

"It's not unexpected. That injury looked pretty bad, but I think Khris (Middleton) and Jrue (Holiday) will step it up tonight and get us a win," said Bucks fan Owen Piotrowski.

"When we lose a game, we always seem to come back a lot stronger and a lot (angrier) whenever that happens," Ross said.

Fans will be crossing their fingers that they'll see Giannis back on the court soon.

"I'd love to see Giannis. I think there's a chance he's back for Game 6, but I think we win both regardless," said Bucks fan Dan Flaherty.

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