Ticket sales flat to see Badgers in the Sweet 16

MILWAUKEE- On Monday, Tickets went on sale to see the Badgers in Anaheim for the Sweet 16.

According to Ticket King, there's very little demand for those tickets.

John Lamoreaux, Ticket King President, said that the short turn around between games, the travel time, and expenses are all part of the problem.

\"I just don't see many Badger fans making the trip,\" he explained.

Tickets for the Anaheim games are currently at about $200-$255 for an upper level ticket.

If the Badgers had ended up playing in Indianapolis, Lamoreaux believes that there would once again been a sea of red like this past weekend in Milwaukee.

\"Anaheim is a stretch,\" he said.

Lamoreaux added that ticket sales for the Milwaukee region of the tournament were at unprecedented levels.



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