Three Racine men facing charges after staging crash to file insurance claims

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Racine man is now charged after police say he staged a crash and made fraudulent insurance claims back in 2017. 

Willie Buckley and two other suspects who have not been charged yet claimed to be involved in a traffic crash in the 400 block of Main Street back in October of 2017. Police responded and investigation revealed that two vehicles were parking simultaneously when they made contact. Minor paint blemishes were observed on both vehicles. The parties involved did not want police assistance and no one claimed injury.

Racine Police were later notified that the drivers of both vehicles, as well as a passenger, were filing an insurance claim for injuries they say happened as a result of the incident. 

Police say that due to the very minor damage in the crash and the parties claiming no injuries on scene gave suspicion that the incident was a staged crash.

Buckley requested to be paid $11,186 for medical treatment and $2,500 for pain and suffering. Buckley's passenger requested payment of $882 for medical treatment and $2,118 for pain and suffering.

The driver of the other vehicle requested $10,000 for medical bills. Buckley received a check of $709 for payment for the damages to his vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint, accident reconstruction and video surveillance showed that it would be "unreasonable to believe the occupants of Buckley's vehicle would be injured in any capacity as a result of the collision."

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