Three people in custody after MPD officer hurt in a hit-and-run

NOW: Three people in custody after MPD officer hurt in a hit-and-run

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A Milwaukee police officer is hurt after a reckless driver crashed into him Monday night and then took off.

On Tuesday, Police Chief Alfonso Morales said the officer is still alive thanks to the work of good Samaritans.

While three people are in custody, police say they’re still looking for at least one more suspect. They say the officer is expected to be out for several months.

It all happened around 9:40 Monday night when MPD says 26-year-old Alberto Figueroa was conducting a traffic stop. While out of his squad car he was struck by a vehicle.

“There were two vehicles that were traveling eastbound on Capitol at a high rate of speed,” says Morales. “One of them lost control."

In surveillance video obtained by CBS 58 from neighboring businesses, you see the traffic stop and about 30 seconds later you see two cars go flying by; one crashes into a parked car, the other takes off.

Police say the car that hit the officer continued for several blocks before the occupants ditched the car and ran.

Officers thank witnesses who helped save the Officer Figueroa’s life.

“Some of them performed CPR on him because they were unable to locate a pulse,” says Assistant Chief Steven Caballero. “That right there saved the officer’s life.”

As for the second car, surveillance cameras capture when those occupants take off as well. They even return to the scene once again and take off.

Mayor Tom Barrett also spoke at the press conference and said the next step is catching all those responsible and seeking prosecution.

Officers believe the parties of both parties knew each other but are still looking into whether they were “racing".

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