Three Milwaukee churches burglarized, suspects facing charges

NOW: Three Milwaukee churches burglarized, suspects facing charges

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Three churches on the city's northside were burglarized between September 9th and October 4th. 

According to court documents, two Milwaukee men are under investigation. They were arrested from a burglary incident at King Solomon Baptist church. One witness spotted two people with flashlights inside the church late at night. 

“It's horrible, I recently had a burglary myself and I caught the suspects. I can just image how the church feels," said Micah Glenn. 

Security quickly showed up and the two were taken into custody. 

“You are supposed to worship your religion instead you're taking from it, " said Glenn. 

Investigators believe the two suspects are linked to the other two burglaries at Mission Christ Lutheran Church and St. Francis Capuchin Center. 

In September, someone broke into the Mission Christ Lutheran Church and stole musical equipment. According to court documents, the president of the church was alerted by a motion sensor and caught a glimpse of one of the suspects running away. 

The suspect dropped his sweatshirt and it was handed over to police. 

Investigators tracked the transactions from the two suspects from the burglary at King Solomon Baptist Church and found the two suspects sold musical equipment to a local shop for hundreds of dollars. 

The two suspects have not been charged yet. One of the suspects is facing burglary and bail jumping charges from an incident back in March. 

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