Only three businesses licensed to plow Milwaukee alleyways

NOW: Only three businesses licensed to plow Milwaukee alleyways

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Two years ago, the City of Milwaukee made it easier for private plow operators to secure a license but only a few have taken advantage. 

The city lowered the cost to purchase a license from $50 to $10. In the city, a person of any business is required to have a license if they use a plow or motorized sweepers to remove ice or snow from public sidewalks or alleys.

"My license covers me to plow sideways, driveways and parking lots," said Brad Bilgo, Riverside Auto Services & Repair. 

So far, three businesses in the Milwaukee area have their license including Anderson Landscape & Maintenance, Riverside Auto Services & Auto and Mr PhixItAll. 

These businesses have to meet certain requirements like proof of insurance. The city also sends an inspector to make sure the vehicle and plow are working properly. 

"I would rather be safe than sorry as I am plowing I would hate to be pulled over because my plow touched the city street," said Brian Schweinert, Mr PhixItAll. 

For more information on how you can get a snow plowing business license, click here

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