Those displaced find new homes

It's been one week since a massive fire brought down an entire building on Milwaukee's south side, leaving nearly two dozen people without a home, a business destroyed and a building owner distraught.

In the next few days the rest of the rubble will be cleaned up. Those who use to live at the complex are already in new places to live, but the building's owner is still worried.

\"It's been real hard, nights without sleep because we don't know what we are going to do,\" said Rosa Espino, the building's owner.

She's been in talks with her insurance and knows what she would like to see happen.

\"I would like to rebuild, do something not the same as before, a place like a little restaurant or a little bar,\" said Espino.

Rosa says members of the community have donated, clothes, blankets and shoes to the families who were displaced.

She has decided to stay with family.

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