"We were violated:" Bay View home burglarized in the middle of the night while family was asleep

“We were violated: “ Bay View home burglarized in the middle of the night while family was asleep

MILWAUKEE (CBS-58) -- A Bay View family is looking to get surveillance cameras installed after someone broke into their home in the middle of the night. 

Nicola Ciurro was home with her son and two pets. She said she thought she heard some rustling but since the pets didn't make any sounds she went back to sleep. 

“If the dogs not barking, everything is okay. So I found our dog is a horrible watch dogs. He’s alert to everything but burglars," said Ciurro. 

She noticed something was wrong when she saw her basement door was open and the back door was unlocked. Ciurro believes someone used a stick to prop open the doggie door and some how managed to open the back door. 

Ciurro said someone took money out from her wallet, took her work laptop and SLR camera. 

"We were violated somebody came into our house while we were asleep and I am glad it didn't get any worse than it did," said Ciurro.

Milwaukee Police has responded to four burglaries in the Bay View area in the last three weeks. The department said this is not unusual this time of year. 

Ciurro is working to change her back door and install surveillance cameras. She has notified her neighbors about the incident through the Bay View Neighborhood Watch Facebook Page and is reminding people to secure their homes. 

"This is why we had our doors locked and it still happened," said Ciurro. 

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