'This is our home': Fans react to Phoenix Suns billboard seen from I-43 in Milwaukee

’This is our home’: Fans react to Phoenix Suns billboard seen from I-43 in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Bucks lead the NBA Finals with three wins to the Phoenix Suns' two wins. Suns fans appear to be a little nervous about it.

A new billboard has shown up off I-43 in Milwaukee, near the McKinley Avenue exit. The billboard says "Go Suns."

It's located at the same exit many fans will take to get to Game 6.

"I think that’s stupid. I don’t know why you would do that," said Mathew Eastman. "You’re just bringing more energy to Milwaukee for Milwaukee fans. And that’s going to hurt them later on tonight."

It was put up by Warner Angle, a Phoenix law firm in a fun attempt at rattling Bucks fans.

"No, this is our home, " said Mercer Farha.

“They want to be confident in their city, but I think the Bucks are going to win, so I’m confident in my city,” said Sawyer Punzel.

Some fans think no one in Milwaukee should have ever let it happen.

“Whoever leased them, that billboard here in Milwaukee, we should probably find that person," said Rick Cannon. "I understand they just want to get their fan-base up and we welcome the three Suns fans that will be here tonight."

This is a big sign, and maybe it's a good one after all. After losing three games in a row, Phoenix Suns fans need all the help they can get to beat Milwaukee at home for Game 6.

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