'This is an absolute crisis': Families, advocates rally for affordable child care

NOW: ’This is an absolute crisis’: Families, advocates rally for affordable child care

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Working families and advocates for those struggling are demanding affordable and quality child care.

They voiced their concerns during an online rally which also featured several local officials on Saturday, Aug. 14.

"Let's be clear, this isn't just something that we can hope can get better or it takes care of itself or hope it doesn't get that bad," Daria Hall, Policy Director at Wisconsin Partnership said. "This is an absolute crisis."

Among them was State Senator Latonya Johnson, who used to be a child care provider. Johnson was asked what her biggest priority was in the fight for increasing access to child care. 

"I would have to say making sure there's equity in Wisconsin because in some of our lower and disadvantaged communities, there are no five star day care centers," Johnson said.

The $3.5 trillion dollar human infrastructure bill proposed by Senate Democrats this week includes funding for child care. 

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