"This has got to stop": Neighbors demand change after two MPD officers are injured in crash

Off 13th and Capitol on Milwaukee's north-side, pieces of metal line the side of the street. 

Those torn off pieces of car, are all that remain from a Friday night crash. 

Milwaukee Police say officers were pursuing a car stolen earlier Friday in an armed robbery, when a truck failed to yield to them.

That squad car struck the truck, injuring two officers. Both were treated and released from a hospital. Police say the driver of the stolen car got away.

"I first heard commotions like tires going real fast," says Rosie Caradine-Lewis. "Next thing I know, it was like a crash."

Caradine-Lewis is known on the block as "Mama Rose", and says she's fed up with non-stop reckless driving.

"This is too much! Now, our police cars are getting hit? Who's going to help us when we get in trouble?" 

Mama Rose says she also was on scene when a stolen car hit a school bus Friday morning near MLK and Locust. 

"They was flying like a bat out of hell," she says. "Everybody wants to be bad, and we're losing all our good people!" 

All six of those teenagers were arrested.

Milwaukee Police continue searching for the vehicle officers were pursuing before the crash Friday night. 

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