'Too hot': Mykonos Family Restaurant closes because thieves steal AC unit

’Too hot’: Mykonos Family Restaurant closes because thieves steal AC unit

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --  A northwest side restaurant is forced to close after its air conditioning system was allegedly stolen by thieves.

Owners of Mykonos Family Restaurant on 85th Street and Capitol Drive told CBS 58 without A/C, customers and employees can’t stand the heat.

Co-owner, George Dalamangas, said thieves broke down the back gate, and destroyed the restaurant’s two air conditioning units for scrap metal last Thursday. “They took the copper, everything, they took the pipes,” he said.

Due to the increasing heat outside and no cool air inside, they had no choice but to close.

“People, they come here and the humidity and the heat, they start sweating,” said Dalamangas. “So what are you gonna say to the people? Sit down and eat? You can’t do that, so, I’m sorry.”

Customers showed up to get their favorite meal, only to be turned away. “It’s businesses like this that gets affected, and they don’t know the impact they cause on these businesses and on these customers,  because I wanted my French toast today,” said Derricka Wesley.

The sudden closure also impacted the restaurant’s 15 employees who depend on their paychecks. “It’s closed, I pay the bills, I pay the rent, everything!” said a cook.

Dalamangas said the closure sets them back. “We lose very good money. On weekends it’s very busy,” he said. “On weekdays we are okay.”

The estimated cost of replacing the air conditioning system is about $40,000. Insurance will likely cover the new unit.

It could be about two weeks until they reopen.

Milwaukee Police are investigating and searching for suspects. 

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