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"They Left me For Dead:" Milwaukee Contractor Hospitalized after Confronting Thieves

A Milwaukee contractor has been released from the hospital after police say he was run over by suspect{s} who stole his tools.

Rob Binter says he was working at a construction site in Walker's Point when he heard the alarm sound on his van. Returning to the vehicle, he found roughly $1,000 in tools missing. 

     "There was a car right behind me that took off instantly, so I threw everything in the back, closed the doors, and chased after the car that just pulled out."

Near 9th and National, Binter was able to pin the vehicle on the side of the road. 

     "He couldn't really get out easily," he says, "So I hopped out of the van, and walked up to him, not thinking he was going to run me over."

But Binter says that's exactly what happened next. The suspects fled the scene, leaving him unconscious in the street. 

     "I would assume I went over the top [of the car], but I don't know" he says. 

Binter's friends were able to track down two different surveillance videos, identifying the suspect's vehicle as a 2012 Black Nissan Altima. 

Milwaukee Police say that male suspect remains on the loose.

Binter is asking the community for help in finding that vehicle, which likely has front-end damage. 

     "I just feel like it was a cowardly thing to do," he says. "I by no means would ever go out my way to run someone down in a car, you know?"

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