"They are going to leave us here": Mount Pleasant family not being moved by Foxconn, yet

MOUNT PLEASANT (CBS 58) - A Mount Pleasant couple that was told they would have to move to make way for Foxconn will be able to stay in their home, at least for now.

The Mahoney family was told the road leading to their housing development was going away, and they needed to move.

But now the village says a new road will keep access open. They see it as a small victory in a long fight.

“They’re going to leave us here, we won,” said Kim Mahoney in the front yard of their new home.

Kim and her husband Jim feel a sense of relief.

“We can continue to enjoy our new house and enjoy the proximity to our house and our daughter’s school,” said Kim.

The couple lives on Prairie View Drive in Mount Pleasant.  The road leading to their home was supposed to get cut of in the Foxconn project, but the village recently voted to change that plan.

An attorney for the village released this statement:

“The new roadway is being planned to ensure that all homeowners residing in the subdivision continue to have safe access to their properties.

The village has not changed its position. As it has since the beginning of this process, the Village will continue to pursue all reasonable efforts to reach voluntary agreements with individual property owners to acquire the property needed for the Foxconn development. That approach has enabled the Village to successfully acquire 100% of the land in the core of Area 1 and 82% of the land throughout all of Areas 1, 2 and 3.”

But the change really only matters to the Mahoney family.   Every other homeowner on the block is leaving.

“Most of these homeowners were told they had to leave cause they wouldn’t have access to the roadway, that is literally what they said to them, so by giving us access to the roadway it says to us there is no reason we can’t stay,” said Kim.

It’s a ray of hope in what has been a battle for many families in the area.

“The Village of Mount Pleasant wants to paint a picture that they’re treating everyone fairly and everyone has sold their homes voluntarily,” said Kim, “but that’s not the case, all of the homeowners were threatened with eminent domain and told if they did not sell, the village would take their property under eminent domain.

The best-case scenario for the Mahoney family is living in the shadow of the massive Foxconn development, but they say that’s fine with them.

“I’m good with the situation right now, I couldn’t be more happy,” said Jim Mahoney.

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