'There's a tenseness in the streets.': Business owners, residents react to violent crimes near Brady Street

NOW: ’There’s a tenseness in the streets.’: Business owners, residents react to violent crimes near Brady Street

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Business owners and residents are concerned after recent violent incidents near Milwaukee's popular Brady Street.

People CBS 58 spoke with all echoed the same emotion and sadness at the rise of crime in a part of the city that is supposed to bring a fun environment.

"There's like a tenseness in the streets," said Liz Kiesling, the owner of Bandit MKE clothing store.

Just this week, there has been a fatal hit and run and a quadruple shooting, concerning those who live, work and visit the busy Milwaukee hub.

"It feels like it's the worst that it's been," said Bandit co-owner, Michelle Eigenberger.

Christine Goralasky lived on Brady in the 1980s. She believes the area has completely changed.

"This was a place I feel was a destination for Milwaukee to come to spend money," Goralasky said. "I just moved back to this neighborhood on September 1st, and I was very surprised to find a different Brady Street down here.

With many crimes after dark, some business owners are considering closing earlier.

"We just talked about maybe getting our winter hours only open until 6. It will affect our business," Kiesling said.

Tenants on Brady are unsure how the disturbing trend can be solved before it gets worse.

"When you wake up in the morning and hear there's been more violence, you throw your hands up in the air, and you wonder who to ask the questions to. We're the business owners, but we don't know where to go," Eigenberger said.

Some business owners mentioned that speed bumps and a larger police presence on weekends might help.

CBS 58 reached out to the Brady Street Business Improvement District for comment on Wednesday, Sept. 14 with no response.

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