"There was glass flying everywhere:" Ice flying off vehicles causing damages, injuries after April snowstorm

NOW: “There was glass flying everywhere:“ Ice flying off vehicles causing damages, injuries after April snowstorm

SOUTHEAST Wis. (CBS 58) -- Our April snowstorm has left some drivers with unexpected bills and even caused some injuries.

The problem is hardened snow flying off of a car and smashing windshields. It has repair shops busy and several victims footing the bill.

Ken Eisbrenner is using a company car to get around for the moment after an ice chunk flew off of a truck, smashing his windshield as he was driving from northern Illinois.

"It was just like something exploded in the car, there was glass flying everywhere. The roof of the car caved in a little bit. There's quite a bit of damage on the inside of the car also," said Eisbrenner.

Shattered glass left him injured and bleeding."Glass everywhere, my mouth and my ears. Completely coated in glass. Small cuts on my face, all on my hands," Eisbrenner said.

Up north, The Columbia County Sheriff's Office posted pictures on Facebook reminding drivers to clear ice and snow off the tops of cars after a man and child in a car seat were hurt by flying ice.

Tom Almaghrabi with Safe Auto Glass in Milwaukee says they've been busy fixing cars involved in these kinds of accidents. "On Sunday, we got almost 27 to 30 phone calls. If you're driving and you have snow on top of the roof, clean it because the minute it gets warm and you're driving and you hit the brake, the whole ice is going to come down straight on the windshield."

"I'm thankful it didn't come through. I'm irritated because of what happened but could've been a lot worse than what it was," said Eisbrenner.

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