'There is kindness in Milwaukee:' MCTS drivers reflect on helping Secret Santa hand out thousands to riders

NOW: ’There is kindness in Milwaukee:’ MCTS drivers reflect on helping Secret Santa hand out thousands to riders


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Earlier this month, when people stepped onto a Milwaukee County Transit System bus, they were greeted by bus drivers acting as Santa's elves.

Five bus operators were chosen to help an anonymous, wealthy businessman hand out thousands of dollars to unsuspecting riders.

"He proceeded to tell us what our mission would be, to ride around on various bus routes and select people, unaware, to receive a $100 dollar gift," Bus operator Shannen Wagner said.

This year, the man only known as Secret Santa, chose Milwaukee and MCTS because of the drivers' reputations for helping people in need.

"We got lucky enough to have this guy select us and the reaction of our community was great," Bus operator Yaghnam Yaghnam said.

Yaghnam and Wagner said people's reactions ranged from disbelief to joy.

"It was just a great experience," Wagner said.

The two operators hope acts of kindness will continue all year long.

Secret Santa pictured on left

"Always be aware of how you might be able to touch someone's life with a smile, a thank you," Wagner said. "All the time."

Each of the five bus drivers who helped the Secret Santa were also given $100. Yaghnam decided to pay it forward and hand out his $100 to riders in $10 bills on a different day.

"People realized there is kindness in Milwaukee," he said. "If we continue it, hopefully it spreads more."

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