The Wisconsin Humane Society wins money in TikTok contest hosted by popular Noodle the Pug

NOW: The Wisconsin Humane Society wins money in TikTok contest hosted by popular Noodle the Pug

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A TikTok star is recognizing the Wisconsin Humane Society for his dog's birthday. 

If you've scrolled through TikTok recently, and you're into cute dogs, then you've probably come across Jonathan Graziano and his pug, Noodle. 

Graziano's account, which has 4.6 million followers, features daily updates on 13-year-old Noodle the pug and his moods. Usually with a game called 'bones or no bones' where Noodle determines if it's a stay-in-your-dog-bed kind of day or get up and get moving. 

This month Noodle turns 13 1/2 years-old year, and to celebrate Graziano asked his followers to nominate deserving animal charities for a donation. The Wisconsin Humane was among the five charities chosen, and it will receive $200 from Graz and Noodle. 

"When I saw that I was like 'oh my goodness', so I had to immediately go to the video myself and I was just blown away," said Maria Betts a philanthropic advisor for the Wisconsin Humane Society. 

Betts happens to be a huge Noodle fan. 

"It makes you smile and just... something to look forward to right now," said Betts. "Every day Jon (Graziano) sets up in the living room and Noodle has this little round bed and he gives him some good scratches before the reading." 

It's a reading that Betts checks like a horoscope.

But Betts isn't the only Noodle fan in Wisconsin, and she says she isn't responsible for nominating the Wisconsin Humane Society. 

"It was someone else from our incredible community who nominated for us," said Betts. 

 The other four winners included The Animal Foundation, Pug Rescue of San Diego County, Second Chance Rescue and Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue.

The Wisconsin Humane Society says a $200 donation will help 25 puppies receive their distemper vaccine. 

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