"The window was open:" Family of 4-year-old girl left in tow lot speaks out

NOW: “The window was open:“ Family of 4-year-old girl left in tow lot speaks out

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The family of a 4-year-old girl left in a Milwaukee tow lot is sharing new details about that night only with CBS 58.

The van was towed after officers arrested the girl's mother for OWI. Milwaukee Police have yet to comment.

A baby who was also in the vehicle at the time went home with relatives but the 4-year-old girl was left behind.

Now, both kids are in foster care and we're told that the family is fighting to get them back.

"All this could have been avoided and she could have been home with me if you would have just looked in that back seat. You could have just searched the car and we wouldn't be here right now. I just want my nieces to know like it ain't nothing I wouldn't do to bring them home," said Asia Springfield, the child's aunt.

The aunt says they've been told they have to be evaluated before the little girls can go home with her.

They have a meeting scheduled with Child Protective Services next week. 

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