'The Steaming Cup' reopens doors to coffee lovers after fire causes damages to several businesses

NOW: ’The Steaming Cup’ reopens doors to coffee lovers after fire causes damages to several businesses


WAUKESHA (CBS 58) -- On Friday, The Steaming Cup in Waukesha re-opened its doors to coffee lovers.

The business has been closed since earlier this month when a fire damaged three downtown businesses.

The fire started August 14 at Spring City Wine House, damaging The Steaming Cup and The Clarke Hotel next door.

Six firefighters were hurt putting out the fire. The coffee shop escaped the flames, but was damaged from smoke.

“It’s an eye-opener to see what smoke damage is and what it can do,” Jason Tofte, The Steaming Cup Owner, said. “We’re just happy that it all got taken care of and we’re back open.”

Spring City Wine House and The Clarke Hotel are still closed. All 20 of the hotel rooms have smoke damage, three have fire damage. All of their furniture and carpeting are now being replaced. The Waukesha Fire Department says the preliminary damage estimate to the three businesses is $775-thousand, but says will most likely surpass $1-million. They believe the fire was caused by an improperly discarded cigarette.

“It’s sad, but what can you do.” Tofte said. “As business owners we want to try and make sure the sidewalk is free of debris, and that’s the best we can do.”

Inside the Steaming Cup, nearly every seat in the coffee shop was taken Friday morning as the community turned out to show their support for the local business that’s been around for about 15 years. Jason and his wife have owned it for the last three years.

“This is the place to be, the place to study, the place to just hang out and get a cup of coffee and just have good times with great friends,” Olivia Carlton, customer said.

The Clarke Hotel says it will still be another six to eight weeks until they are able to reopen. They are hoping to have their bar and restaurant open sooner.

Spring City Winehouse suffered the most damage. It could be months until the wine bar reopens

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