Several businesses affected by downtown Waukesha fire

NOW: Several businesses affected by downtown Waukesha fire

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Business owners in downtown Waukesha are now in cleanup mode after a fire breaks out causing thousands in damage

That means a number of them will be closed for some time.

Not a typical day of business on Main Street for those affected by Tuesday’s fire in downtown Waukesha. 

Instead of customers walking in and out, restoration crews are removing smoke damaged materials.

The fire causing damage to three businesses, starting somewhere near the Spring City Wine House.

“At this time, it really is looking like it was potentially carelessly discarded cigarette or something of that nature,” said Joseph Hoffman, Waukesha Assistant Fire Chief.

It was a challenge for firefighters. Six of them were injured. Some for heat exposure and smoke inhalation. They have all been treated and released.

The fire caused lots of interior damage leaving rubble on the ground, windows boarded up.

According to a  sign on the door of The Steaming Cup, a coffee shop, it’ll be closed until they can repair.
Next door, at the Clarke Hotel, they’re also closed while they cleanup.

“There’s quite a bit of damage, mostly smoke damage, one hotel room that was affected by fire and water damage,” said Josh Grossmeyer, general manager of the Clarke Hotel.

It’ll be weeks before they reopen.

“We’re hoping to reopen in about a month, we’re hoping to reopen the bar/restaurant in about in a week or two,” he added.

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