The snowstorm of May 10th, 1990

When you look back on this snowstorm on May 10th, we know that Mother Nature can be cruel. Technology and computer models were not what they are today, so the forecast was calling for a cold rain with temperatures in the 40s. What most of eastern and southeastern Wisconsin woke up to was a heavy, stiff snow that damaged many trees and powerlines.

Asparagus - Credit: Jim Graham, Brookfield Bluebells - Credit: Jim Graham, Brookfield Lilacs - Credit: Jim Graham, Brookfield Tulips - Credit: Jim Graham, Brookfield

3.2” of snowfall fell in Milwaukee, with higher reports in Waukesha (4.5”) and Pewaukee (7.5”). The storm hit during the morning rush hour sending over 50 cars in the ditch.

30,000 people lost power. 1,000 trees were destroyed in Waukesha and the storm cost hit over 1 million dollars.

How rare was this event? The only other time in May we received that much snow since records began was on May 3, 1935. 3.2” of snow fell then. No other two dates have ever seen 2” or more in May.

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