The search continues for an alleged attempted child snatcher in Bayview

Milwaukee--The Milwaukee area of Bayview is reeling following an alleged attempted child snatching on Tuesday afternoon.

Two girls, ages 10 and 11 were walking their dog along their street near the intersection of South Graham and East Dover.

When one of the girls went back in the house, the other stayed behind with dog.

That's when a man driving a white sedan with rust approached the girl and tried to physically pull her in the vehicle.

Police continue their search for a suspect, but still there are no arrests.

Meantime, the mother of the girl, is thankful, realizing that things could have turned much worse.

But she's not taking it lightly. She's reached out not only to police, but to neighbors and area school, in hopes that neighbors and business owners in the area will get to know each other better, and thus identify people who seem suspicious or out of place.

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