The Packing House holds Fisher House fundraiser in honor of Greg "Ziggy" Zyszkiewicz

NOW: The Packing House holds Fisher House fundraiser in honor of Greg “Ziggy“ Zyszkiewicz

It was a year and one day ago that Milwaukee city worker Greg "Ziggy" Zyszkiewicz was shot in his car while on a home inspection visit at 24th and Cherry.

But Ziggy's memory lives on as something positive.

"He was just a caring individual. He cared about everybody. He was compassionate in his work," said Curtiss Peck, Executive Director of Fisher House Wisconsin, Inc.

One year ago, The Packing House restaurant in Milwaukee held a fundraiser after Greg "Ziggy" Zyszkiewicz was killed.

"We've had folks coming in not just to purchase a fish fry -- but also handing in donations. Literally pulling up and saying, 'this is for the Fisher House in memory of Ziggy,'" said Chris Wiken, General Manager, The Packing House.

Lines were around the block last year, and this year wasn't any different.

"We have people driving from Fond du Lac and Osh Kosh and Appleton to Madison to Kenosha and everywhere in between just to come to be a part of this because the story just touched so many people," said Wiken.

Loved ones, friends and even strangers showed up to remember the man lost over a year ago in an attempted carjacking.

"I did not know the man, but I know that he was a good man. He must have been because all these people have showed up in his honor," said Jimmy Clifford.

Clifford came to the restaurant soley to support Ziggy.

The Packing House says during lent, their Friday Fish Fry is one of the best sellers, and $1 from every one sold will be donated.

Last year over $3,500 was raised for Ziggy's family. This year the donations will go to the Fisher House -- one of Ziggy's favorite charities.

"He was a veteran himself. He loved veterans. He would go to the cemetery on memorial day and place flags at all of his family who had served," said Heather Zyszkiewicz Sharafinski, Ziggy's daughter.

The Fisher House will use the donations to help house and provide for families of veterans in the Milwaukee VA Medical Center.

"I didn't expect it to be busy again. Some people, but not this busy," said Bryan Zyszkiewicz, Ziggy's son.

The whole family, including youngest daughter, Morgan and wife, Ola were humbled by the support at The Packing House and all year long.

"After it happened, you had people turning out to help us, and you kind of think it's going to fade away over time, and it hasn't," said Sharafinski.

The family says another way to honor the father and husband is to order a slice of banana cream pie, Ziggy's favorite.

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