The mega challah bake at the Jewish Community Center is about more than just bread

NOW: The mega challah bake at the Jewish Community Center is about more than just bread

On Tuesday, November 7, 7:00 PM , at The Harry and Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center, the Mega Challah Bake will be a fun, inspiring evening with great feminine energy.

Participants will mix and knead their own dough, learn an array of braiding techniques and the traditional and mystical meaning behind every step that goes into making this fragrant bread.

Challah, the popular Jewish food is a braided bread traditionally eaten on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. From the times of our matriarch Sarah in the Bible over 4000 years ago, challah and the traditions connected to it, has been a magical gift observed by the Jewish woman.

"The process of making the bread is important too," Chava Edelman tells CBS 58 News. "It's seen as a time of spiritual nourishment and a time from prayer and focus on family and our relationships. It's a special time."

While reciting the blessing on challah a woman has a "direct channel" to G-d at this point and it's an opportune time to ask for all that is on her heart and mind.

It's open to the public for women and girls over age 9.

"It a way to connect with God and the women in my community," explains Ora Gross. "I was hesitant last year because I'm not good at baking challah. I cam out with not only did I walk away with a great recipe but some renewed energy to bake challah on a weekly basis. It's something my children look forward to and my husband appreciates after a long work week." 

This event is brought was organized by Lubavitch of Wisconsin and brought many organizations together.

Here is the list of all who are participating:

Women's Philanthropy Group

National Council of Jewish Women

Jewish Women's Circle

Rosh Chodesh Society

Bnei Brith Youth Organization- Wisconsin Region

ASKT Women's group

Friendship Circle

Jewish National Fund

Jewish Museum Milwaukee

Shalom Milwaukee

Ovation Communities

Glendale Mikvah

Young Jewish Adults Milwaukee

Chabad UWM


Chabad Young Professionals- Milwaukee 

For more information call (414) 961-6100.

To register click here

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