The Hop, Marquette team up to promote start of basketball season

NOW: The Hop, Marquette team up to promote start of basketball season

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With the Marquette men's and women's basketball teams tipping off Tuesday night, Nov. 9, in Milwaukee, the university and The Hop are celebrating with a new Marquette basketball-inspired streetcar, now in service.

"Milwaukee and Marquette are just hand-in-hand, we're kind of one in the same," said Bill Scholl, vice president and director of collegiate athletics for Marquette University. "To have that riding around downtown Milwaukee for the next couple of months during our basketball season, it is truly an exciting day."

Nov. 9 was proclaimed Marquette University Basketball Day by Jeff Polenske, the commissioner of Public Works, who was speaking on Mayor Tom Barrett's behalf.

"It's great to have Marquette basketball back," Polenske said. "It's going to be great to have fans back in the game. I know they're very excited to have all of that happening, and what a great way to showcase the start of the basketball season."

Polenske says the partnership between the city and the university was a few months in the making, adding that he hopes more like it are in The Hop's future.

"A large vehicle moving through the downtown with lots of riders, lots of eyes from the street," Polenske added. "Great opportunity to be able to showcase the different partners that we have, and stakeholders that we have, within the community."

The Marquette-themed street car will be in service for several months, with Scholl hoping it gets the city excited to attend games this year.

"I can't wait to see both buildings filled back up with our fans," Scholl said. "That starts tonight for both our men's and women's programs."

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