The field at Miller Park just about rarin' to go for opening day Thursday

NOW: The field at Miller Park just about rarin’ to go for opening day Thursday

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--A day away until America’s favorite pastime plays out for another season. And today is all about putting the finishing touches on the field at Miller Park. “Putting pretty on” is what crews say is happening here the day before the home opener. In a nutshell, making sure everything is baseball ready for the new season. Workers are watering and painting lines and logos today along with keeping a very careful eye on the field itself. 

Director of Grounds Michael Boettcher tells me the grass is playable but certainly not ideal. The extreme cold at the end of January and February helped to really stunt its growth. But I’m told the groundskeepers have double the amount of grow lights this year to help with the process. This is synthetic lighting or fake sunshine. Regardless of any obstacles, the players should be rather satisfied with the surface they’re playing on starting on Thursday.

Players are expected to get hit the field a little later to get the feel of everything. And as far as the roof goes, a lot of variables have to come together for it to open. Most likely it’ll be closed for the home opener.

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