The dog days of summer are here, seasonal changes are coming soon

The dog days of summer are traditionally the days around the 4th of July through the second week of August. These are typically the hottest days of the year, why? There’s always a lag time in heating after the longest day of the year and highest sun angle in the sky. This gives us about 30 days of warmth!

The dog days of summer will end, unofficially, in the next couple of days. So what’s next? Well, it’s hard to believe that Meteorological Summer comes to an end in 24 days. If you look even further, 84 days until Halloween, and just over 100 days until Thanksgiving. As of this past Sunday, the average high will drop until it hits 29 degrees December 29th, then it will rise again starting February 1st. The average high will drop from 79 degrees today, down to 43 by Thanksgiving. By thanksgiving, the sun will set at 4:22pm.

This is not all bad news, folks. This is a gentle reminder we have plenty of days left of summer; get out and enjoy it!

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