The Changing Look of Downtown Milwaukee

It seems downtown Milwaukee is changing by the day. All of the new construction that is happening now and still to come is giving the skyline a new look.

The cranes and the netting are two good indications that change is on the horizon. $3 billion worth of new development has happened in downtown Milwaukee just since 2005.

"Another $1.3 billion worth of development that is underway right now," said Beth Weirick, CEO of Milwaukee Downtown BID 21.

New buildings are going up everywhere, so it seems there's something to the adage "if you build it, they will come."

"Bringing new investors, new property owners, which means new tenants and new residents in to downtown Milwaukee," Weirick said.

Speaking of tenants, there the Couture building across from the Discovery Museum. It'll be constructed where the downtown transit center is being demolished right now. Northwestern Mutual's new building has its new sign on 500 feet above the city. Have you driven on Lincoln Memorial lately? The redesign is all done, giving you a straight shot to Summerfest grounds and the Third Ward. 

A lot of development, which says a lot to people who are visiting or call Milwaukee home.

"Well it says that Milwaukee is kind of up and coming and a little more modern than it has been before," said Adam Bernal, a lifelong Milwaukee resident.

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