The Chance for a White Christmas is Growing

NOW: The Chance for a White Christmas is Growing

It's something most of us look forward to. Even if you're not a cold weather fan, having a White Christmas is something that helps make things feel more festive for the holiday. While recent forecasts have not looked promising for a dose of the white stuff, one of today's afternoon model runs, from a more trusted model, is showing the potential for a storm next week. And it could deliver that wish of a White Christmas!

First let's take a look at the odds: 

 So it's really a coin toss, per history, on seeing a White Christmas in Milwaukee. In case you didn't know, the definition of a White Christmas is one inch of snow on the ground. So far we don't have that. 
But there's still time. 

Here's a look at the position of a storm next week Thursday: 

 Initially as this low moves in, a wintry mix may come at the onset. Once the cold front passes we'll feel cooler air rush in along with lingering light snow showers through Christmas Eve. Additionally, temps plummet to the teens for highs Christmas Eve and through Christmas Day with lows near ten degrees. That means whatever snow we get will stick around! 

Aside from Christmas, we just really need the snow at this point as we are falling behind about 8" on the season. We'll be watching the weather feature closely in the days ahead!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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