The Brewers Medical Staff is the All-Star Team Behind the Brew Crew

The Milwaukee Brewers boast the team has the best training staff in baseball for two years in a row.

If a player feels pain, they're the first to know the details, the first to help. They're the Brewers medical staff, the All-Star team behind the Brew Crew.

"We take pride in our medical staff. We think that we're on the forefront of baseball medicine," said Roger Caplinger.

Roger Caplinger and his staff help keep players healthy, and healthy players make happy memories.

 The trainers have titles too. The Martin-Monahan Award is given every year to the best medical staff in the big leagues. The Brewers are the first back-to-back winners in the history of the award. Caplinger's approach - don't just work "on" players, work "with" them.

“The teaching aspect and the education, and putting some onus on the player themselves to represent their own health, is key to the buying of this process,” said Caplinger.

The science and technology of treating injuries - and keeping players healthy - is constantly evolving.

Caplinger's search for knowledge has gone global.

“You know, we've done several site visits with European soccer. I like to attribute those to they're in college, and we're still in grade school somewhere of how far advanced they are to where we are,” said Caplinger.

Every player is different, so every injury can be unique. Some injuries, like Jonathan Lucroy's fractured toe on a foul tip last season, puts the staff into uncharted territory.

“You have to think outside the box, and you have to be creative. Unfortunately, Jonathan got a foul tip and fractured his toe, so how do we prevent that again? You go to the shoe company through our equipment managers and you say can you make something for us that is going to make this a bit more sturdy,” said Caplinger.

“It's like a hard molded plastic. I put one on my right foot the other day, and took a bat and was hitting my toe, and couldn't feel anything. I don't think this will ever happen again,” said Jonathan Lucroy.

Caplinger said the key point in being an athletic trainer is you're good in a lot of different areas in sports medicine.

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