The bacteria brewing in your coffee

Turns out your favorite cup of joe could be brimming over with bacteria. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Sonia Bardy explains.

\"It'll start to get different types of molds, and it'll be fuzzy or you can get yeast, or different types of bacteria can be present as well,\" Bardy said.

It's all because of one simple problem. People aren't cleaning their machines enough, or even at all.

\"The less we clean up, the better the coffee is,\" daily drinker Barbara Ellerbee said.

Home coffeemakers, especially the new pod styles are getting a bad rap, a National Sanitation Foundation report calls them the fifth dirtiest spot in the house

Scientists found that they harbor mold and other germs like coliform, salmonella and e coli. All of those could lead to major stomach issues

The problem spot tends to be in the tubing inside the pot. That is where standing water can create a nasty buildup. The other bacteria filled area is the water holder. Bardy likens drinking the old coffee water to drinking the water sitting in your pet bowl all week

But you don't have to throw out your machine just yet, a weekly deep cleaning like running vinegar or bleach water through the tubing could do the trick. Or consult your owner's manual.

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