Texas apartment manager calls US flag a threat to Muslim community

TEXAS --  A Texas man is fighting to keep his American flag displayed proudly on his balcony. He says an apartment manager told him his flag was a threat to the Muslim community, and he needs to take it down. The apartment complex says it's just protocol.

Duy Tran says a few days after proudly displaying the American flag on his balcony, an apartment manager at the Lodge on El Dorado told him to take it down. \"What really stunned me is that she said it's a threat to the Muslim community,\" said Tran. \"I'm not a threat to anybody.\"

It's about more than the stars and stripes for Tran. \"I have friends that died for this country,\" says Tran. He says fighting to keep his flag up is the least he can do.

While walking around the  apartment community, KHOU witnessed several other patriotic displays on other porches.

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