Teutonia Ave Neighbors say Speeding is Problem after Motorcycle Wreck

A 47-year-old man is in critical condition after a car slammed into his motorcycle on North Teutonia Avenue Saturday, according to a Milwaukee Police press releasee.

Neighbors to the crash site on the 4900 block say they have no doubt speeding played a factor in the crash.

It happened in front of the Northend Liquor around 3:30 Saturday afternoon, according to a press releas. Witnesses said the man who was thrown from his motorcycle laid in the street for about 40 minutes while paramedics worked on him.

"Everybody in the neighborhood was out there just trying to keep the man woke until the paramedics arrived," Ebony Staples, who lives across the street from the crash site, said.

"People speed up and down this street everyday, all day, you know. I'm surprised this bus stop sign is still standing up because it gets knocked down all the time," Money Love, who also lives in the area, said.

This is the main concern for neighbors: how many crashes have to happen before something is changed? Many neighbors have stories...

"I had a car on my lawn. It flipped from the street," Staples said.

"A kid was hit was hit by a car down there and these are true stories. But nobody seems to really care," Love said.

Street signs - like the one near the crash site saying no parking - are also regularly ignored with liquor store customers leaving behind their vehicles, forcing fast traffic to merge haphazardly.

Neighbors say, after this crash, they're demanding any change they can get.

"We have a stoplight there and a stoplight way down there but there's nothing to indicate slowing down or anything over here," Love said.

"Put some electronic signs up that shows the peoples speed and maybe they'll look at that and possibly slow down," Staples said.

The driver involved with that crash with the motorcycle did stay on scene. The case is being reviewed by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.

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