Tenants without heat during cold snap

Muskego -- Tenants at an apartment building in Muskego were without heat for five days.

\"I have gloves, mittens, [and my] toes are still cold there's no way anyone could live here and survive,\" said Jenny Mock, who has only lived at the building near Racine Avenue and Woods Road for about a month.

The thermostat the upper apartment read 29 degrees when CBS 58 interviewed Mock.  She said she and her 6-year-old son have been going from house to house staying wherever they can to keep warm.  \"My son today told me that he didn't know if Santa Claus could find him because we're homeless.  He knows we're homeless, I know we're homeless at this point we don't know what to do.\" 

Sherri Sievert rents an apartment on the lower level and her daughter lives there.  \"We're pretty much getting ready to pack up and move out,\" she said.  \"I guess there's nothing we can do.\"

The tenants said the boiler has been broken since December 5th and this isn't the first time they've been without heat.  To make matters worse for Mock, in most of the rooms she has no electricity.

\"We've had space heaters and then we over did the circuits and now we have no electricity either,\" she said.

CBS 58 spoke with a man over the phone Tuesday night who said he is one of the landlords. He said someone went into the basement and damaged the boiler Thursday night (December 5th).  Keinert said the parts come from overseas and so it's taken awhile to repair it.  Management gave the tenants space heaters.  He claims the boiler was fixed Tuesday around 4pm and the heat is back on.



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