Teen spit on by 64-year-old woman in Shorewood speaks out; 'I’m viewed not as a child, but as a color'

NOW: Teen spit on by 64-year-old woman in Shorewood speaks out; ’I’m viewed not as a child, but as a color’

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The family of a teenager spit on by a 64-year-old woman in Shorewood over the weekend, held a press conference Monday, June 8. He was joined by Shorewood School District officials, and a state lawmaker.

Attorney Stephanie Rapkin was arrested twice over the weekend and now charges are pending. Shorewood school officials want a hate crime enhancer added to the charges.

"At this time, I can tell you to be mentally and physically shaken to be assaulted by an adult in my own community during a pandemic was traumatic. Again and again I’m viewed not as a child, but as a color,” Eric Lucas said at the news conference.

Seventeen-year-old Shorewood High School student, Eric Lucas, had an emotional reaction to getting spit on.

"This was a racial hatred aimed at disrupting a peaceful demonstration and it can not be tolerated,” said Shorewood School District Superintendent Bryan Davis.

Protesters asked Rapkin to move her car because she parked it to block protesters, and that's when things escalated and Rapkin spit in Lucas' face. Lucas wants change against racial injustice.

"That my people and me, a young black man living in a white American can one day be equal. Everyday my heart stays warm with a a chance of success in this cause. Winning against injustice poverty. Winning against poverty,” Lucas said.

State Representative David Bowen joined Lucas, saying this movement is far from over.

"If you are ready for it not to be a subject, not to be held accountable. Not to repent for the sins that have happened. This is not how we’re going to operate this situation," Bowen said.

Lucas has a message to everyone after this happened to him.

"I’m disappointed in feeling unloved by individuals who I’ve done no harm to. Injustice anywhere is a detriment to justice everywhere,” Lucas said.

Village of Shorewood officials have denounced the incident calling it racist.

Rapkin says she wants to share her side at some point.

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