Teen organizes million youth march in Sherman Park

NOW: Teen organizes million youth march in Sherman Park

A teen who wants to end the violence here in Milwaukee, took matters into his own hands to do it.

Rashad Salaam organized, what he calls, a 'Million Youth March' in Sherman Park.

"It's time for us to set a better standard for these youths,” said 16-year-old Rashad Salaam, organizer of the Million Youth March."Seeing all the ruthless killings and I said it's time for us to reform this city. And know other people is trying to do it so hey how about the youth lead the youth. Cause the youth ain't listening to the adults.”

So Salaam organized the Million Youth March.  He held it right in Sherman Park -- a neighborhood where violence is well-known.

Dozens came to hear from speakers to help come up with solutions.

"I don't understand how we're not outraged, when the women and the children in our communities are not protected. When we're having five, nine, and six-year-olds being shot and killed in our communities it's definitely time to take action," said local activist Queen.

That's why groups rallied behind salaam, including the Nation of Islam and the Original Black Panthers.

It takes a village to raise a family. We all need to unite as one to change the social and economic conditions that plague our community. If we don't, the community will still have problems," said King Rick of the Original Black Panthers.

Salaam hopes today's event encourages other young people to take a stand against the violence.

"If I’m a youth and the youth are the most dangerous, I feel like I can lead them,” he said.

Salaam said the work will not end any time soon. He wants an even bigger turnout next year.

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