Teen Found Safe After Running Away

15-year-old Kathryn Stalbaum is safe after running away from home. She was found in Chicago Friday evening.

The Waukesha County Sheriff's Department began their search for her after she didn't make it to school Tuesday morning. She told a friend she would ride her bike. On Thursday, her bike was found nearly 8 miles from her home.


\"Just kind of wonder what is going on at home, and hope that we can help her from here,\" said Alisha Worden.

Worden works at Mama D's Coffee, just a few blocks from Kathryn Stalbaum's high school, Kettle Moraine.

\"Students were in here and talking about it and rumors were going around about what happened,\" said Worden.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions, questions the Waukesha County Sheriff's office said they can't answer yet.

But do CBS 58 Stalbaum asked a police officer in Chicago for help Friday evening and wanted to come home.

Detectives spent countless hours trying to find her. They went through 100 hours of surveillance video and received 200 tips from community members.

Crimestoppers stepped up and offered a 1,000 dollar reward for any information in her disappearance. The FBI was even called to help Friday morning.

Some living nearby told CBS 58, they thought she had run away.

For those living in the Waukesha County community, it was was the best-case scenario.

\"I think its a relief that's its just a runaway and that's she's found,\" said Worden.

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