Teen faces deportation for sale of pot brownies

Yuba City (KTXL) -- The girl who was arrested for selling marijuana-laced brownies to classmates to raise money for a prom dress, is facing possible further punishment.


Saira Munoz, 19, was sentenced to four years probation and nine days in jail on drug charges earlier this week; but with time already served, she did not have to go back to jail.


Now it turns out she may be in this country illegally and could be deported. Immigration officials say they are reviewing the case and have yet to file deportation proceedings.


Last fall, Munoz enlisted the help of a classmate to help her sell the brownies. A customer who was acting erratically after eating one of the brownies on campus was taken to a hospital in an ambulance for observation. Investigators found cannabis in the brownies.


It was the talk of the campus at Yuba City's River Valley High School when she was arrested on drug charges and for recruiting a minor to help her sell the brownies.


\"I mean we have 12-, 13-year-old freshmen, so that's bad,\" student body Vice President Diojot Shergill said.


But Shergill also said deportation was too harsh of an outcome. Classmates feel it was more in-line with a student prank, even though Munoz did it for cash.


\"It's too much trouble to deport somebody for that,\" student James Steerstold FOX40.


Given the high school climate these days, some felt deportation doesn't fit the crime.


\"She should not be deported for making weed brownies. I know lots of students who do that,\" Dursimrim Kalar said.


While it's not known if federal immigration will take action, the terms of her probation state that if deported, she will not be allowed back into the country unless she gets legal status first. That is not likely if she's listed as a drug offender.


The Sutter County Probation Department says should the Immigration Service find that Munoz is not a citizen and is in this country legally, the conviction would jeopardize her legal status and she could still be deported.


Munoz is deferring to her attorney who undoubtedly is looking at all avenues to keep her in the country. 

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