Tax Experts Give CBS 58 Advice for Late Filers

Just one week left to file your taxes.

CBS 58's Julie Parise talked with a tax professional about some last minute things you should be doing if you haven't filed yet.  

You need to have your paperwork postmarked one week from Monday.

CBS 58 spoke with a tax expert to find out some tips for last minute file-ers.

Tips included finding a professional to help you - it's worth the extra money when you're down to the last minute. Bring all your income information, health care information and make sure you have your id. If you don't have all your forms, you can go online and try to find them.

If you really are in a crunch, pull out your paper work from last year.

“The best thing is to bring in last years tax return so you can get everything organized. Typically year after year you're doing similar forms, stuff like that. And this year you have until April 18th, so procrastinators have an extra weekend,” said Todd Johnson, tax expert.

You can file an extension online or with a tax pro before the deadline. has more information and forms online.

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