Talking Heat on This Last Day of Severe Weather Awareness Week

NOW: Talking Heat on This Last Day of Severe Weather Awareness Week

Hot weather! Seems so far away. And while there's no heat in the near forecast, it's my favorite weather topic to discuss! I personally love stats and moreover, extremes. So let's chat! Today is the last day of Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin and the topic of the day is extreme heat. When we talk about dangerous heat, we think of temperatures in the triple-digits. 

 It's not that often we get hit weather this type of weather, but it definitely happens. Here's a look at the hottest day in each of the last eight years. The last time temps pushed the century mark was in 2012. We had several days that year get into the 100s. That year was so warm, we already had 80s in March. It was memorable for sure. Since records started in 1871, just seventeen seasons have recorded triple-digit high temperatures. That's about an 11% chance to feel that type of heat in a given year.

But on the other side of the coin, heat is a real concern, and can be deadly. That's why share ways to be aware of overheating and tips to stay cool. 

 Using common sense can help you get through our hottest summer days.
Wear light colored clothing, stay hydrated, find shade and check on your neighbors who may not have air conditioning. The National Weather Service will issue Heat Advisories or an Extreme Heat Warning if the forecast warrants. In these scenarios, it's not just the heat, but the humidity that can exacerbate heat troubles like heat exhaustion and heat stroke. 

The earliest day Milwaukee reached 100 degrees was June 1st, 1934 at a soaring 104 degrees. In just forty-five days, per the records, extreme heat is possible for the city.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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