Takeaways from gubernatorial debate

Several candidates in Thursday night's democratic gubernatorial primary debate came away feeling like they won.

"We had the most ideas, put together with actual plans," Mahlon Mitchell said.

"I'm always confident that I can put my best foot forward," Mike McCabe said.

Gov Scott Walker said his opponents stances were predictable, so he didn't watch.

"I can hit repeat and hear it over and over again, Walker said. "They hate me, they hate me, they hate me."

They did hate Foxconn. All eight candidates said the $3 billion in incentives was too much money. Five of the eight candidates said they would outright end the deal.

"People who say they once would be for good paying family supporting jobs are now against 13,000 of them here in southeastern Wisconsin," Walker said.

They also differed on education. State superintendent Tony Evers was the only one who did not want to offer free two year college tuition.

"I think we're seeing enough differences where people can say, I definitely don't agree with so and so, but I definitely agree with so and so," UWM Professor Mordecai Lee said.

Lee says those differences and increased exposure should be enough to let two or three candidates break out of the pack.

"I think in the next poll, it's not going to be based on name recognition. It's going to be in reaction to the debate. People saying I like so and so, even though I've never known of them before. And that's what's really going to narrow the field."

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