'Take It EZ Milwaukee': New campaign to reduce reckless driving

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Concerned community members, along with city officials stood at the intersection of 60th and Capitol on the north side with a message for drivers.

“Milwaukee, slow down. Please, slow down."

The effort is part of a new initiative called, Operation Take it EZ Milwaukee.

“We've had more than our share of tragedies that have occurred at this intersection,” said Alderman Bob Donovan. “We need to bring those numbers down," he said.

Police will be increasing their patrols in the area, during the pilot project. Light poles will also be marked with caution tape so drivers are aware of the initiative. It will be in effect for three months.

This comes just over a month after MPD officer Kou Her was tragically killed at the intersection on his way home from work. 

"Senselessly killed by an individual who chose to run the red light. That's the stuff that needs to end," Donovan added.

People living in the area said drivers are disobeying traffic laws.

“Whether it's a stop sign, whether it's a stop light, red light, often times, people go right through them," said Mabel Lamb, executive director of the Sherman Park Community Association.

The operation will also target three other intersections -- 27th and Center, Cesar Chavez and Greenfield, and 35th and National.

Steve O’Connell, president of the Grasslyn Manor Block Watch said they’ve all had enough. “Everybody's just so fed up. We can't handle it anymore,” he said. “We can’t tolerate this.”

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