Suspicious Soda bottles were found in Franklin Woods; Area now deemed safe

Franklin Police responded to a suspicious loud noise at Franklin Woods, 3723 West Puetz Road, on Friday. Several units rushed to the scene around midnight, after someone reported a suspicious noise not too far from Kayla's Playground.

The playground accommodates children of all abilities. It will open for the first time Friday at 5:30 for a ribbon cutting. Franklin Police said in a news conference, at 10:00 AM, there was soda bottles found with what appeared to be materials inside that would make them burst.

Police said it was hard to say if a playground was targeted or just woods. The police said they are confident the playground and park are safe. 

Still Kayla's mom says just like her daughters disability never stopped her, she's not letting threats stop the project from being completed and honoring her daughters memory-and the lives of so many others. The playground is designed for children of all abilities, something she wanted her disabled daughter to enjoy during her lifetime. 

Police say they've cleaned out the woods to make sure it's safe for tonight. Kayla's mom says she's just focusing on the project that will have a ribbon cutting at 5:30 Friday night.

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