Suspected cases of midwest virus in Wisconsin

MADISON-There are nine suspected cases of Enterovirus in Wisconsin, what's unclear is if it is the same strain that has put hundreds of children in the hospital elsewhere in the Midwest.

The patients are being treated at two different hospitals in Madison.

Doctors at UW Madison suspect the one case they're treating is the D-68 strain also known as the Midwest virus.

The Centers for Disease Control will have to confirm that ti's the respiratory virus that's been sending children to the hospital elsewhere at a record rate.

On Monday, Dr. Nasia Safdar offered this red flag of the serious illness.

\"There is a small proportion of children where if they start to complain of air hunger, like they are not getting enough air or they start to wheeze or the parent can see that they are breathing faster than usual that's the time to get them to attention.\"

It's important for parents to know that about 10% to 15% of the cases have required medical care.

Most cases present themselves with cold symptoms and pass with time.

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