Surveillance video shows suspect spraying sidewalk with bullets, One person dead

NOW: Surveillance video shows suspect spraying sidewalk with bullets, One person dead

Surveillance video shows part of Milwaukee's West side looking like a war-zone this weekend.

One man died in this shooting that happened early Sunday morning near the intersection of North 23rd Street and West State Street, according to Milwaukee police.

At the 12:40 a.m. timecode of the surveillance video you can see a man retrieve a large semi-automatic rifle from the trunk of a vehicle. Moments later that gun would be used to spray the sidewalk with bullets.

Authorities have identified the man who died as 36-year-old Lanell B. Taylor. The owner of the nearby bar "Talk of the Town" (previously LBJ) said Taylor was a regular customer.

The suspects parked a half-block away from the bar in front of a church. Security cameras nearby caught the scene: a man retreats to a vehicle and fires more than 20 shots toward the "Talk of the Town" bar.

Sparks can be seen coming off the ground near the business.

"It was a lot of shots because first, it sounded like firecrackers," Mary Ann Gibson, a neighbor, said.

"A lot of people be drinking, gangbanging. I'm saying they'll kill each other up. Now I heard the people hollering and stuff and I hit the floor," Gibson said.

"I don't want my kids to be around stuff like this. And I'm always at work so - for me to come home at night-time - that could be me outside," Shaudai Evans, another neighbor, said.

Eddie Murdoch, a bartender at "Talk of the Town" says he was not there when the shooting started. But he does say that he knew the victim.

"He usually come in, buy his drink, and sit outside when it's warm and stuff, you know. The guy was a pretty nice guy. I didn't know him to be in no trouble with nobody or nothing like that," Murdoch said.

Dyan Ward says that she owns the bar. She hid behind the bar during the shooting. She did not open on Sunday or Monday because of the violence. She says she's shaken up by the death of a well-known customer.

"I just want us to put the guns down. I want everybody to be safe. I want me and my family to be able to go home at night. And I want my customers to come home at night. I don't want none of the riff-raff down here," Ward said.

"And then to see the size of the gun. I've only seen guns like that on TV. I've never seen no gun like that," Ward said.

Police are still searching for suspects in the case. It's unclear how many people were firing guns during the situation.

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